Employees and job candidates smitten with irresistible companies

What if your potential employees had to interview your business to see if they’d like the job?

Is your business attractive to candidates? Simply Irresistible? Would they leave their job, relocate or sacrifice salary in order to work for your business?

A role reversal has shifted how people find and retain work, and quality employees may be far choosier than you thought.

A Deloitte report says businesses need to become more competitive in the job market to attract quality candidates and salary has very little to do with it.

Candidates are seeking ‘irresistible’ companies to work for and these companies are more likely to have long-term employees.

‘Irresistible’ businesses have high employee engagement, retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. However, the report warns employees have more power than ever to choose where they would like to work.

Employees are increasingly exposed to the jobs market. Job vacancies pop up in inboxes or across social network feeds. Losing valuable employees to ‘irresistible’ companies could be a harsh reality.

Introducing some of these methods might just make your business simply irresistible:

  1. Meaningful work. Feeling happy results in higher productivity and passionate employees are less inclined to need monetary reward.
  1. Positive management strategy. Clear goals and continuous improvement for measurable objectives.
  1. Flexible and inclusive. Offer job-share, flexible hours or remote working facilities online.
  1. Say ‘thanks’. Employee retention is highest in companies with recognition schemes.
  1. Empowering staff to stretch their skills.

Creating a workplace that inspires your employees means they will contribute to the success of your business in the short-term. They might also want to stick around for the long-term!

To find out how to make your business more attractive to job seekers and existing employees, visit Deloitte’s discussion on Employee engagement strategies.