Can’t retain good staff? You may be making 1 of these 3 mistakes

Recruiting and keeping great staff can be a big challenge and expense for small businesses.

Are you making any of these common mistakes when you’re hiring?

Mistake 1: Making it all about the money

Paying good money is important in attracting great employees, but it doesn’t necessarily keep them.

Offer other benefits, such as flexible work hours and working from home. Do what you can to foster team culture and a feeling of belonging. Attract talent by communicating your culture, values and mission.

Mistake 2: Too broad a job ad

It can be tempting to appeal to a wide range of candidates with a generic job. Performia Director Gareth Jekel said a targeted approach is better.  “Ultimately what’s the goal of the ad? You just need one person to apply who fits the job,” Jekel said.

When writing your job ads, be specific about the qualities you’re looking for – but avoid writing a laundry-list of duties and responsibilities. Instead, outline the mission and vision that a successful candidate will take on.

Mistake 3: Not properly checking references

You’ve just conducted a great interview with a candidate who seems to tick all the boxes. Before you call them with an offer of employment, remember to do your due diligence.

Small business owners should look for the following when vetting candidates.

Record of success: A candidate should be able to demonstrate with hard figures their track record of adding value to a company.

Motivation: Productive candidates that can add real value will be motivated by the challenge of the role, not its perks.

Knowledge checking: Where possible, observe a candidate’s skills in action.

To recruit and retain the best people, it’s crucial that you clearly communicate the culture of your organisation and the mission statement of the role. Once you’ve found that star candidate, doing your due diligence will prevent any nasty surprises down the track.