New institute to better guide people to training and careers

The National Careers Institute has been established to simplify and strengthen Australia’s career development system, so Australians can get the career information and support they need.

The Institute will have a particular focus on marketing and promoting vocational careers.

It has been established to respond to a recommendation from a review by Steven Joyce. The Joyce Review identified the need to improve the quality of career education being provided to school students and leavers, their influences, and job seekers of all ages; and resolve the fragmentation and complexity of the careers sector.

Established on 1 July 2019, the Institute’s immediate priorities include:

  • Undertaking research and stakeholder engagement to map the careers development system and identify the needs, priorities and experiences of those who support, administer and deliver career information across Australia, and the people who benefit from it.
  • Designing and delivering a digital platform to assist people to find accurate and authoritative careers information and advice on learning, training and work pathways. The platform will provide people with simpler navigation and consistent information.
  • Establishing a grants program in 2020 to support innovative education and training pathways aligned to employer needs. Funding will support projects that enhance careers information and address service gaps by enhancing partnerships between industry, employers, schools and tertiary providers.

The Institute will also map careers advice and identify gaps and overlaps, as well as look at best practice around the world. The work of the Institute will be grounded in research and stakeholder consultation, to strengthen the Australian careers development system.

Activities delivered by the Institute will be guided by the principle of enabling all Australians to make more informed career decisions at all stages of their lifelong learning.

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