Jobactive is by far the largest service funded by the government to help jobseekers and employers connect, at over 1700 locations nationally.

Jobactive providers can help you with:

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Pre-employment training and work-related equipment
  • Job applications and reverse marketing
  • Job placement
  • Support to settle in at work
  • Access to wage subsidies for employers as an incentive to hire you.

Jobactive covers a large range of clients with varying support needs. The best way to move forward is to talk to a few providers, and decide which one you think will be best placed to assist you.

How to find a Provider

The federal government funds a diverse group of organisations to provide Jobactive services, these include private organisations, community and non-profits.

To find a provider, the government has provided a search tool. Simply enter your suburb or postcode, choose ‘Jobactive’ and hit ‘Search’. Providers have a Star Rating displayed in the search results, the higher the rating, the more successful they are in keeping their clients in employment for the long term. Higher performing providers will rank higher in your search results.

You can also browse the list of local employment agencies.

The Cessnock City jobs portal has been jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Cessnock City Council.