A resume has a single purpose, and that is to get you an interview. Once an employer interviews you, they rarely look at your Resume again.

Research suggests that you have about 30 seconds to make an impression!

If you want your Resume to be in the pile that the employer calls for an interview, you need to make a good impression, fast!

Here are some tips that will help you to make a good first impression:

  • Tailor your Resume to the Job you are applying for
  • Have a different Resume for each Job Goal
  • Answer the essential requirements of the job on the first page (i.e Drivers Licence, reliable vehicle, OHS White Card etc.)
  • Ensure there is plenty of White space, so it is easy to read
  • Use dot points
  • Keep your resume to 2 pages, 3 should be the maximum for technical roles
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Do not include personal information (e.g. marital status, religion) and do not include photos
  • Structure your Resume chronologically backwards, with your most recent experience/qualifications first
  • Don’t go back more than 10 years, unless you need to address a specific requirement
  • Include your Key Strengths up front, and this is where you mention the essential requirements
  • Use sensible and appropriate email addresses
  • Ensure that your Resume is always kept up to date
  • Follow employer instructions very clearly, always include the information that employers ask for. For example, if the employer asks for 2 referees, make sure you include them with contact details.

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