There is no mandatory qualification to be a Receptionist. Receptionist is ranked no 2 in the top 5 Clerical and Administrative Work occupations in Australia, with 180,700 workers6. Of all clerical and administrative workers, 40% had no post-school qualification, 7% had another unstipulated qualification, 30% had a Certificate III or higher VET qualification while 23% had a bachelor’s degree or higher level of qualification nationally. It is noted that there is a higher prevalence of workers with bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in this qualification suggesting that it might be a pathway to higher skilled roles. Certificate II in Business has been highlighted as a suitable qualification.


Employment growth in this group is projected to be subdued over the five years to May 2022 (up by 1.7%, compared with 7.8% across all occupations).


Certificate II in Business




[6] Australian Jobs 2018 (pdf download)

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